Friday, October 24, 2008

READ MY LIPS: Democrats Promise Even MORE Tax Increases

A lot of people are going to Vote for Senator Obama because they are expecting a tax cut under the Obama Plan, even if you don't pay taxes. Obama is promising to raise taxes, but only if you make more than $250,000,000. By 2010, 107 million people will not be paying income tax at all. That sounds good...... But here we see they are planning even more taxes. Presidents don't raise taxes, congress does.
What is going to happen when our already highly taxed companies (2nd highest corporate tax rate in the world) decide enough is enough? What is to stop them from moving to Brazil, or the Bahama's, or Ireland? Where will we get the tax money from then? What about the fact that there will suddenly become less people (on paper) that make $250,000. Where are they going to get that money from then?
They will start taxing more heavily the folks that make $150,000 or more, that's what. And when they start hiding their assets and moving them into tax shelters, or they stop moving up into that higher tax bracket, they will come after the folks that make over $75,000 the same way the Democrats always have.
Think about it.
Do you remember Bill Clinton's promise to cut taxes for the middle class? I do. That was what he ran on. He ended up raising our taxes.

What I'm saying is this. The Democrats are promising to raise taxes and give it to people that don't pay taxes and you are ok with that perhaps. You ain't gonna do anything about it because it's only for the rich. That alone is bad economics, but I'm not even going to get into that. When they go after the "rich" folks that make $150,000 you more than likely ain't going to do anything then either. It ain't you, right?
But they are also promising even more spending! Read their lips!
They are giving it to people that prefer to sit in the bar all day, or hang out on a corner, or play video games all day. Yes there are people who are working hard and struggling and not making it. But they don't make provisions for that. They don't discriminate.
What are you going to do when they come after your income? Believe me, the ones that make less than YOU are going to support that. They really will. The same way you supported going after the rich.
Except you ain't rich. Neither am I. But now it's too late, because you are not reading their lips.
Think about it.
Majority in the House, majority in the Senate, and one of their own in the White house. Read their lips, because if they are telling you they are going find even more "rich" people, they mean it. And when they get to your paycheck, you are going to wake up. By then, it will be too late, won't it?
The dependent class that they created will need fed.

Do something NOW.


"When the people find they can vote themselves money,
that will herald the end of the republic."--Benjamin Franklin

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