Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ronald Reagan speaks from the Grave about Nationalized Healthcare

Please note his parting comment:
And if you don’t do this and if I don’t do it, one of these days you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children, what it once was like in America when men were free.

Here is an actual Congressman speaking with common sense:

I want you to know that if you are for a government healthcare bill your position is insulting to freedom and liberty. I would ask you why you want to live on Uncle Sam's plantation instead of as a free individual?
You don't want to pay to visit a doctor? What? Why not? So you want it handed to you free. Grow up. That's what is making health "insurance" so expensive. What people are calling insurance is really a healthcare plan. The point of insurance is to protect you against unlikely but damaging events. You are generally happy to pay premiums in all the years that nothing goes wrong (your house doesn’t burn down), because in exchange your insurer promises to be there in the one year that things do go wrong (your house burns down). That's insurance. You don't want insurance. You want free stuff. Try that with your auto insurance. Imagine having your homeowner's insurance paying for new electrical lines to prevent future hazards. Insurance does not do that, YOU do. You pay for your own oil changes, you pay for your doctors visits for routine medical care. That's insurance. Try to find some REAL health insurance, something that covers you in a real emergency, but not every aspirin you are to take. Then go ahead and choose a decent deductable and there you go, you more than likely have insurance for less than $200.00 a month in Ohio for a midle aged couple, and in Massachusetts it would be under $700.00 a month. Yes, Massachusetts has regulated their insurance companies to the point where insurance is far more expensive there than in other state. They now have the most expensive health insurance premiums in the country.... Thanks to their recent adoption of Statewide Healthcare reform that includes a "public option" for those that can't afford "insurance".

Show me one industry that the US Government has run efficiently and without bankrupting that same enterprise over a course of a few years? Just ONE.
If you recall the House Bank Checking Scandal, Congressmen haven't even shown us the ability to balance their own checking accounts, let alone run any enterprise more efficiently than free individuals endowed with the liberty to make a profit for their labor.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Shall I Fight the Looters?

It's pretty impressive.

The network of Saul Alinsky followers and the framework they have constructed is mighty impressive.

I will be honest. I had no idea.
I had no idea exactly how organized these "Community Organizers" actually are. Their network is vast. I knew that George Soros was dumping lots and lots of money into their coffers, but I had no idea they were spending it so deviously to create this massive massive network of thugs and radicals. I had no idea. It's like something out of a comic book, except there aren't any superheroes to fight them.

Worse, they have whole groups of people that believe their thuggery is for everyone's benefit. I mean, most of the folks that call themselves "Liberal" have no idea what the people they follow are really after. You can tell them and show them the documents and memos and it don't matter. They like their guy or gal too much to open their eyes.

This ain't about President Obama. He is not the architect, he is just another gear in a well oiled machine. A political machine. President Obama is not building it, it's already there. It's been built and it's just waiting to grow in power. The Stimulus Bill helped ensure that happens.

My question is this:

How do I fight it?

Shall I go Galt and make sure I am not one of the producers that their machine is built to feed off of?
Shall I organize a march to protest the looting and the risks to liberty and freedom?
Shall I give up my freedom so others can go to the doctors and have their little office visit paid for completely? (Why should INSURANCE even pay for a doctors visit???? Does INSURANCE pay for my oil changes????? Idiot crybabies, go buy some catostrophic health insurance and get off my list of burdens on society, ok????)

See, I'm pretty ticked off about all of this that the left is bringing down upon us. It's about as unamerican as one can get....

I guess I shall think about it some more........

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Broken Window Fallacy and "Cash for Klunkers" has a short article that quotes economist's advising that the "cash 4 Klunkers" program is having a nice impact on auto sales, but a very negative impact on retailers and service providers across the country. The money that would otherwise be naturally stimulative is being redirected away from the rest of the economy. This is a perfect example of the broken window fallacy, an economic parable that proponents of big government expansion and stimulus packages continue to ignore. It was true when President Bush was doing it, and it is especially true of the Titanically proportioned stimulus II produced by Prime Minister Pelosi at President Obama's request.

The figures came in the day after the White House's overly optimistic media base reported that the recession was showing signs of leveling out. They expected an increase in spending, with cash for klunkers leading the way, but according to Reuters:

A Commerce Department report on Thursday showed total retail sales edged down 0.1 percent after increasing 0.8 percent in June. Excluding motor vehicles and parts, sales fell 0.6 percent in July after rising 0.5 percent the prior month.

Analysts had expected a boost to retail sales from the government's "cash for clunkers" program and predicted a 0.7 percent advance in overall July sales.

They said the program -- which gives consumers discounts to swap aging gas-guzzling cars for new, more fuel efficient models -- had pulled spending away from other sectors.

Please let your Congressmen in on this information. Someone has to let them know what is really going on out here. Judging from these town hall meetings, they have no idea.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is My Congressman

I disagree with my congressman's position on TARP, Cap&Trade, Stimulus II, and healthcare to name a few. I believe in his rhetoric about needing more jobs in our district, but not in his ideas about how to accomplish this.

This is one of my Senators at a town hall meeting informing the public that Medicare is a well run program.

Senator Brown's facts are wrong. The main reason they are wrong is because Medicare tends to be used by the elderly as a majority of their "customers", and that group of Americans have a higher total healthcare cost. Their care is much more expensive than all groups combined. People that try to convince you that administrative cost as a proportion of total benefits paid is a good measure against private insurance are misleading you.

Find your representatives and Senators here

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who Should Be Talking??

Mr. President

I am curious who you think it is that started this mess? Was it these fine citizens that are attending protests? Are they the ones that started this mess?

Are you aware that many of us beleive it is the progressives elites who "started this mess"? Both sides of the aisle. Not just progressive Democrats, but progressive Republicans too.

Are you listening to ranking congressional representatives like Chairman of the Financial Services Committee Barney Frank, who said in 2003 ''These two entities -- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- are not facing any kind of financial crisis. The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.'' , Even though he headed up the subcommittee that blocked the reforms, which were proposed by the Bush administration. He didn't even let it move to the House from his subcommittee. He denies any involvement today, and tries to tell us that he wanted a program that lowered the cost of RENT for the poor. In 2005, he can be seen in the following video denying there would be a bubble, and that he championed government programs that did not produce cheaper rent for the poor, but home ownership for the poor through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

I would agree, housing is certainly more "affordable" now, isn't it?

Are you listening to Ben Bernanke?

Perhaps you should stop listening to him then.
Are you listening to Ron Paul? Listen to what he had to say during the GOP debates, BEFORE anyone but the true capitalists knew the crisis was coming.

Are you listening to Peter Schiff?

How about Jim Rogers?

While your economists are speaking about "green shoots", ask them about the real estate problems coming in the next two years.

Your team is actively raising all of our taxes, and have been since you took office. The act of printing money to pay for government programs is the same as a tax hike. It devalues the currency and our money is worth less than it was before the printing took place. It is a deceit. This has the same net effect as raising everyone's taxes, across the board. It affects the poor most of all. In the meantime, that printed money is spent by government the same way that money taken by taxation is spent. After it is spent, we cannot get it back.

I invite you to study the Parable of the Broken Window sometime. It's a nice short explanation of why current economic policy, as well as President Bush's economic policy is destined for failure. I am not a progressive, so I do not subscribe to the belief that we should fix every thing that government broke with more government. Many of us think that for the first time since the late 19th and early 20th century, we should move towards a real free market approach. The central planners have had their run, and after one depression, a few recessions, and now one deep recession, it is time for the central planners to step aside.

Sir, what we would like more than anything is for a government that represents freedom and liberty for it's citizens across the board. This is not what we are getting, so forgive us for speaking out. I do expect the people to be heard, and in fact, I am hoping you do to. I also hope you be true to your word and you will no longer take advice from the people that caused this mess. So far that is EXACTLY who you have been listening to.

But even though I disagree with the people that may have caused this mess, I do want to hear what they have to say. I want to have everyone's voice heard. Shouldn't you?


Thursday, August 6, 2009

NAZIS!!!!!! Just look at all the Swastikas!!!!

Oh wait. I haven't found any I've searched all of the leftist blogs and news sites, and I can't find a single bit of ducumentation to back it up, but clearly they must be out there. All I have been able to find is these astroturfers displaying their masterful abilities to appear like middle class people. I bet they have Swastika tattos in a secret place though. Clearly this is the work of the masterful strategists at the GOP headquarters*.

You know what I think?

I think the GOP lost the last two rounds of elections on purpose just so that they could appear to be disorganized and unable to whip up any support. They didn't really lose support from the masses. In fact, I think they might have paid people to vote for progressives. It's part of the neocon plan for the final takeover of the world. And now it is starting to come to fruition. Yeah. That's it. And all of these protesters are in on it. Just like the nations founders were really part of a super secret Freemason conspiracy to control everyone: first giving many the many liberty, only to tirelessly whittle away at them in order to take over the world.
I think that's why the GOP fought against the Jim Crow laws, and repeatedly supported civil rights legislation integrating public facilities (e.g., resturaunts) and passed the civil rights act of 1964, while Democrats stood in the school house doors and filibustered the Civil Rights Voting Act. They passed all of that so that they can sneak them back in and gain more control. The Right Wing conspiracy is turning us all into Nazis!!! Because yes, you may not realize it, but seeking to limit government control over industry and the people is exactly what Hitler did!!!

*The real problem is that the GOP is almost as bad as the DNC. Neither party has a real interest in liberty anymore. Both are wings of the same thing. They have both been hijacked by the Progressive movement. The only difference between the two are how FAST we should be expanding the federal government.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From the White House Blog

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

That's pretty scary. That's a good example of Progressive elitism and it's tendency towards intimidation and Big Brother intervention.

I like the letter that Sen. John Cornyn of Texas is sending in response. Hopefully it will be read and this program to "flag" others speech and report it to the government will be quickly shelved. I mean they want a list of those who disagree, or at the very least, are forwarding possible information on to others. Can you imagine if President G W Bush had publicly proposed such a program? The left would have went crazy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dishonest Then? Or Dishonest Now?


“I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program. I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that’s what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.”

In the mean time, The progressives are doing what progressives tend to do to explain why congressmen are being treated badly at their town hall meetings, and why there is so many people against their pet health care bill. It seems to be that the evil capitalists are to blame. When in doubt, pull out the "evil capitalist" card. I am referring to the Whitehouse's directive to their militia of media and kool-aid sippers to vilify the insurance industry as the bad guy. In fact, Nancy Pelosi even called them villains! And that is their message for this month. Blame the evil capitalists. Show me the evidence. Show me the proof. Of course they don't want to be shoved out of business. But can anyone show me direct proof of a wide capitalist conspiracy? I don't mean some ineffective ads. I mean something as big as the progressives push to sell us this thing to us un-debated.

Of course, what is even more laughable is their claim that the GOP has anything to do with organizing the protests at these town hall meetings. In one breath MSNBC informs us how disorganized and in disarray the Republicans are (and they are, that is not debatable), then in the next breath, they are trying to attribute them the organizational ability to put together all of these tea parties and all of these protests at all of these town hall meetings. That's a joke. It isn't astro-turf. Look at the polls. Only 35% of all Americans support this thing, and that number is dropping. It's grass roots to the core.

I saw that, I thought she made a video for the Onion or something. I found out she is expecting people to actually believe this stuff. It would work if it was a fringe movement like the birthers. She should stick to that. This isn't a fringe thing.

In all of this, the US tax revenue has experienced it's biggest drop since 1932. That means the deficit is much larger than anyone thought. It's gigantic. Why would anyone support increasing the deficit even more at a time like this? Is your progressive agenda THAT important?