Monday, September 29, 2008

Evidence from the halls of congress.

Anyone that watches this youtube video and does not see who is responsible for the mess we are in, and has the GALL to blame the Republicans for our economy is either in denial or is a liar.

Warning, this is not a short video, and it contains Democrats stopping regulation of their pet project.

Now, do you have a logical reason to give the Democratic party more power than they already enjoy? If you vote for Senator Obama, this is what you are going to get folks. More of the SAME!

Thank you C-Span.

McCain could rise again

A long time ago, Senator McCain was counted out by everyone. He had no money, no support, no chance to win. He was the least likely person to become the Republican nominee.

He can do it again, he always seems to find a way to persevere against all odds. I will briefly explain how he can win the Presidency of the US. All he has to do is listen to what Governor Palin is obviously thinking when she is asked if she supports the bailout. Come out against it. Period.

It seems to me by watching Governor Palin's body language and loss of words when she is asked about McCain's bailout policy that she is not a fan of it at all. But she has to "support" it for Senator McCain's sake. She is a terrible actress though. When she is not being honest, it is clear loses her confidence. Senator McCain picked her because of her no nonsense government reforms and her conservative values. He should probably go with her instincts on this one. I've seen Govornor Palin in action, this bailout is not her. It goes against everything she stands for.

Most Americans are against this bail out. They are not just against it, they are calling congress, writing emails, and calling C-Span, radio, morning television shows, and anyone else that will listen.

We know That Senator Obama has no choice but to go along with Paulson/Bush's plan because he is knee deep in the middle of the whole thing. From Acorn to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and everything in between. Never mind the fact that no one has any idea how entrenched Senator Obama is in all of this, he must go with this terrible proposal.
As far as I can tell, Senator McCain made attempts to regulate and reform Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and has absolutely nothing to lose by not going along with this Paulson/Bush plan. He can look us in the eye and tell us that he has heard our voice and go against it. You'll see House and Senate members siding with Senator McCain by overwhelming margins and then you'll be in a very different political realm. This so-called bipartisan charade will fall apart and the Liberals that began this mess will be stuck with being the party that bailed out Wall Street and cost the taxpayer billions, possibly a trillion or more. They have enough votes to pass this thing without the Republicans getting on board. But they NEED the Republicans in order to make it all look nice and tidy. President Bush will sign it. That's all the bi-partisan support this awful bill needs. Let them take the credit. They will be angry at McCain, but they have to pass this bill. It's their political tracks they are trying to cover after all. Look who Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has been giving so much campaign money to. Not the party that wanted to reform them. They gave it to the party that would enable them.

So Senator McCain, do you want to be President? Ask your running mate what she thinks? That's why you brought her on board, isn't it? Not to swallow her pride and go along with something she clearly doesn't believe in. Just think what she can do with that fuel in the VP debate too.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Truth about the financial Crisis

This video I found today is spot on. People need to learn the truth about our financial crisis, how we got here, and how hypocritical men like Barney Frank and B. H. Obama are being. They are part of the problem. No one is calling them out on this, and I am personally outraged.

While you are watching, I urge you to use the pause button, write things down, google the facts. There is a lot of information in this video and it goes by extremely fast.

Obama Truth Squads

I find something extremely disturbing about Senator Obama's campaign admitting to the fact that it has truth squads. Especially since it involves law enforcement and state prosecutors. Since Senator Obama regularly lies about how we got to this financial crisis, pretending that he has nothing to do with it, I am wondering if these truth squads are going go after him when he blames it on John McCain?

Check this out.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Abscence

I haven't bothered to maintain this blog with new posts. I haven't felt moved really. Shortly after I created it I forgot about it. I think I will try to maintain it now, but I'm not going to spend my life on it.