Thursday, August 6, 2009

NAZIS!!!!!! Just look at all the Swastikas!!!!

Oh wait. I haven't found any I've searched all of the leftist blogs and news sites, and I can't find a single bit of ducumentation to back it up, but clearly they must be out there. All I have been able to find is these astroturfers displaying their masterful abilities to appear like middle class people. I bet they have Swastika tattos in a secret place though. Clearly this is the work of the masterful strategists at the GOP headquarters*.

You know what I think?

I think the GOP lost the last two rounds of elections on purpose just so that they could appear to be disorganized and unable to whip up any support. They didn't really lose support from the masses. In fact, I think they might have paid people to vote for progressives. It's part of the neocon plan for the final takeover of the world. And now it is starting to come to fruition. Yeah. That's it. And all of these protesters are in on it. Just like the nations founders were really part of a super secret Freemason conspiracy to control everyone: first giving many the many liberty, only to tirelessly whittle away at them in order to take over the world.
I think that's why the GOP fought against the Jim Crow laws, and repeatedly supported civil rights legislation integrating public facilities (e.g., resturaunts) and passed the civil rights act of 1964, while Democrats stood in the school house doors and filibustered the Civil Rights Voting Act. They passed all of that so that they can sneak them back in and gain more control. The Right Wing conspiracy is turning us all into Nazis!!! Because yes, you may not realize it, but seeking to limit government control over industry and the people is exactly what Hitler did!!!

*The real problem is that the GOP is almost as bad as the DNC. Neither party has a real interest in liberty anymore. Both are wings of the same thing. They have both been hijacked by the Progressive movement. The only difference between the two are how FAST we should be expanding the federal government.

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