Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Shall I Fight the Looters?

It's pretty impressive.

The network of Saul Alinsky followers and the framework they have constructed is mighty impressive.

I will be honest. I had no idea.
I had no idea exactly how organized these "Community Organizers" actually are. Their network is vast. I knew that George Soros was dumping lots and lots of money into their coffers, but I had no idea they were spending it so deviously to create this massive massive network of thugs and radicals. I had no idea. It's like something out of a comic book, except there aren't any superheroes to fight them.

Worse, they have whole groups of people that believe their thuggery is for everyone's benefit. I mean, most of the folks that call themselves "Liberal" have no idea what the people they follow are really after. You can tell them and show them the documents and memos and it don't matter. They like their guy or gal too much to open their eyes.

This ain't about President Obama. He is not the architect, he is just another gear in a well oiled machine. A political machine. President Obama is not building it, it's already there. It's been built and it's just waiting to grow in power. The Stimulus Bill helped ensure that happens.

My question is this:

How do I fight it?

Shall I go Galt and make sure I am not one of the producers that their machine is built to feed off of?
Shall I organize a march to protest the looting and the risks to liberty and freedom?
Shall I give up my freedom so others can go to the doctors and have their little office visit paid for completely? (Why should INSURANCE even pay for a doctors visit???? Does INSURANCE pay for my oil changes????? Idiot crybabies, go buy some catostrophic health insurance and get off my list of burdens on society, ok????)

See, I'm pretty ticked off about all of this that the left is bringing down upon us. It's about as unamerican as one can get....

I guess I shall think about it some more........

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