Monday, October 13, 2008

Leftists showing empathy for an opposing view

This video sort of reminds me of my college days. Sadly to say, I was one of the intolerant leftists back then. I actually voted for Mondale. Then Clinton. And this is a period of my life I will label "under the influence of the Marxo-fascist professors that drummed socialism and atheism into our heads", as if they actually were the more intellectual opinion.

Anyway, take a look at America's elitists in action.


karen said...

Thanks for posting this.
I took heat at my blog for showing the Youth for Obama (the teens in militant outfits shouting Alpha Omega, etc.)
No one could see the danger of youth indoctrination. My commenters thought it was just dandy.

Someday said...


You are welcome.

It is our apathy toward what has been happening under our very noses while our educational system was hijacked that has put us in a position where liberty is seen as an evil to be overcome.