Thursday, October 16, 2008

It is Confirmed: Western Pennsylvania is Filled with Haters!!

Murtha: ‘No Question That Western Pennsylvania Is A Racist Area’

All of you racist Picksburg Stiller fans should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Your own elected officials are calling you racist. It must be true. It is confirmed!!

Now, get out there and prove your US Representative wrong. Even if you like Senator McCain, it is your duty to VOTE FOR SENATOR OBAMA. If you don't, everyone will know, you are nothing but a bunch of racists.

I on the other hand do not have to comply with this because while it is true I was born and raised in Western Pa, I reside in Ohio now, and I must vote 73 times for Senator McCain to counter possible excessive voting for Senator Obama. I am trying to find an ACORN rep to sign me up a few more times, right now I am only registered once.

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