Thursday, October 30, 2008

Over 11,000,000 hits: The most watched election-related video on Youtube.

Being a veteran, and having witnessed the sacrifices personally, I am deeply moved by this young man's short speech.

I thought the war on Iraq was a mistake when we invaded. But once boots were on the ground, and "shock and awe" had decimated the nation of Iraq, it would have been the most inhumane moment in our great nation's international history to have left the people of Iraq to the whims of the various powers who sought to dominate them, and rule them.
Can you imagine the carnage and the bloodshed that we would have allowed to go on, possibly for decades?

Mr. Obama, why did you seek to destroy the people of Iraq with your demands for a complete withdrawal from the region when they needed us the most? It's bad enough that we invaded to begin with. To leave them without clean water, or electricity, or schools, or hospitals, or the very governmental infrastructure needed to implement these things is the most inhumane foreign policy I have ever heard.