Friday, October 17, 2008

Media Bias

I think it is both funny and pathetic the way the national media has been behaving towards this Presidential Campaign. While it makes me laugh, it also makes me very very angry too. Of course, if Obama is your guy, you won't see the bias. It's there, it truly is. They will take any opportunity to avoid making Senator Obama look bad. They settle for weak answers from him, while they grill Governor Palin about Senator McCain's voting record in congress. Meanwhile, Senator Biden's interview with Ms Couric went much smoother for him, even when he mentioned that folks watched President Roosevelt on TV in 1929. She didn't even ask him what he reads. and she never go tough with him about any non answer he provided.

I am today looking at an AP/Yahoo poll. When I look at it, it clearly shows that the race has tightened to within 2%. It's right there in black and white.
What does the media report? Nothing of the sort. Here is how the AP is slanting the data:
"When it comes to the public's image of John McCain, it's as if somebody dialed the electricity down in the past month. For Barack Obama, the juice is still flowing.

People's regard for the Republican presidential nominee has deteriorated across the board since September, an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll showed Friday, with McCain losing ground in how favorably he's seen and in a long list of personal qualities voters seek in White House contenders.

Perceptions of Obama have improved or remained steady. Beyond views of the two rivals' character traits, McCain faces another problem — Obama is more trusted on the economy, the contest's commanding issue, including a 15 percentage-point edge for better grasping how the raging financial crisis is affecting people".......

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karen said...

Of course, you're right. I thought McCain owned that last debate. I'm sick of Obama starting to answer the tough questions, then he gets to change it up and ends up answering something else. That scares me if he wins. Can he really tackle the tough stuff? Illinois is a mess.