Friday, October 10, 2008

Guilty! GUILTY!! Guilty! GUILTY!! Guilty! GUILTYY!!!!

Yes. It is confirmed. Sarah Palin is guilty of wrongfully firing public safety commissioner Walter Monegan!!!!

I knew it all along!


Huh? She wasn't found guilty of wrongfully firing him?

You mean she is exonorated then?


But....the investigation....the charges.....the claims! She was being investigated over her firing of Commish Monegan......right?

Innocent of that?


You mean she is still guilty?.....Todd did what? He tried to get that Tazer toting beer guzzling moose poaching trooper fired?

HOW DARE HE????!!!!!!

I get it now. She is guilty of not stopping Todd from working to unload this government waste.

She is EVIL!!!

Sarahcudda.....who wears the pants in that Governor's mansion???!!!!!

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