Monday, October 13, 2008

In compliance with the Fairness Doctrine.

It has occurred to me that Senator Obama may win this election. I have decided to take action now and comply with Nancy Pelosi's "Fairness Doctrine" by adding the opposing view to this blog.
It's time to look toward change and the future. In other words, prepare for limitations on free speech for example.

In that spirit of fairness, I now present you with an article from the Christian Science Monitor.

Dare I believe Obama can win?
His idealism brings out the best in me – and in others. So what happens if he loses?
By Courtney E. Martin

from the October 3, 2008 edition

Could the quiet seed of joy that was planted in my heart the day I heard Barack Obama speak for the first time take root and grow without fear of the brutal storms of disappointment?

Could a leader that evokes awe in me actually win a presidential election? Could the beauty – and logic – of his words win over the majority of this country's voters? Could they see past the lies and distractions to the center of a human being who sincerely wants to invoke citizens' higher selves?

Could a system that seems so broken, so moneyed, so corrupt actually serve to help the American people elect an authentic, complex thinker? Could it be that – despite all that is wrong with the electoral process – there is enough right to allow a thoughtful candidate to get through the muck and emerge earnest and excited to lead?....

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