Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have no problem with the current administration deciding that the US will not use certain interrogation techniques, including water boarding, when questioning enemy combatants. I don't think it is torture, but they do, so they have a right to redefine the law according to their own perception.
I am somewhat disgusted with the possibility of extending that new definition back into time in order to go after the last administration. It's a witch hunt.
Another reason I am disgusted is because this administration is weak and petty. Within a 24 hour period, the President and his Press Secretary both flip flopped 180 degrees about this subject.
It also makes me wonder where President Obama is getting his marching orders. Why did he flip flop so dramatically in 24 hours? Who spoke to him? Who is it that is so powerful that their thirst for blood has whipped the President of the USA into obedience?

This has never been done before, by any administration. They are telling everyone that advised these techniques were not illegal that they are investigating them, from the president all the way down the slippery slope to the lawyers who advised the CIA and every person in between. They are being investigated for war crimes that were demonstrated to members of the Hill in 2002 without objection. This includes leading Democrats of that time such as Nancy Pelosi. Are you going to prosecute a standing Speaker of the House too? What about Jane Harman or John Rockefeller or Bob Graham, all who had oversight and were briefed during 2002 and 2003, the only time when these techniques were employed? The Daily Kos thought they should all be held accountable. Does President Obama?

Imagine the precedent this will set.

Can you imagine a future administration declaring that current government involvement in the banking industry is illegal and then prosecuting everyone involved, from President Obama down to the lawyers that might have advised it was legal? Will they be able to investigate every congressman that went along with it? Is this the "Change" YOU voted for? Is this the "hope" that YOU voted for?

Do you remember what it was that you were expecting when you pulled the lever for Obama?

On an unrelated subject:

Now is a VERY good time to get out of the stock market if you are still in it. I have the feeling the bear market rally is about to end pretty soon.


Purple Crayon said...

That is a terrific point. This idea could really come back to bite Obama and he could find himself the subject of prosecution for any number of things he is currently engaged in. He is probably banking on wiping out the entire conservative voice in this county, so that he never has a successor from any opposing party. But I am not so sure that is going to happen.

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