Friday, April 10, 2009

Clueless Progressives

I was just finishing up some work and decided to see what was on TV. I noticed a new show on MSNBC called The Ed Show so curiousity got the best of me and I tuned into the very end of it. I can't tell you if it was good or bad, not having seen it more than 5 minutes. As it ended, I went to get a drink of water and when I walked in, Oberman was on, except it wasn't Oberman. It was that other guy that always has that condescending toothless smirk on his face. I have know idea what his name is, nor do I plan to find out.
The subject of the Tea Parties popping up here and there all around the country was brought up, and I sat there in disbelief how clueless he and his guet were about what these tea parties are about. To paraphrase his "expert" guest, he admitted he had no idea what the motivation for these tea parties is. He said that they seem to be against bailouts for banks...which was started by GW Bush, they seem to be against bailouts for Detroit...which GW Bush started, they seem to be against deficit spending....which President Obama inherited, etc etc.

They really don't get it.
We were against this stuff when President Bush was doing them too!!!
Now I'm not a Republican. I am an independent who leans heavily toward the Libertarian party. But Republicans and and Libertarians share this one thing. We all believe in personal liberty. We believe in individual freedom.
The significance of these tea parties is in the fact that they are happening at all. You see, unlike progressives who follow group think and run in giant herds, many republicans and practically all libertarians are more predisposed to be independent thinkers without that borg mentality. We are not afraid to go it alone, unlike the progressives who think we should all be coddled by a benevolent caretaker government. We are much harder to put on a bus to act as a rent mob in front of AIG Executive homes. As Professor Dawkins uttered about atheists, herding Libertarians ( and many Republicans outside of the Religious right) is like herding cats.
Another thing that astounded me is their confusion about who is organizing the tea parties. They kicked around it being the product of Fox News since they are now promoting their coverage of it. True, some guys like Sean Hannity seem to be trying to take some credit, but the fact is, no one at Fox got the ball rolling. The pundits at Fox were just as surprised as anyone that this was even happening. This is a blogosphere thing. This isn't a Republican thing either. It has no connection to the Republican party other than the fact that many Republicans who feel the Republican party has become the right wing of the Progressive Party are taking part.

These demonstrations are barely getting any media coverage, even though many of them have included thousands of people. It's funny how the media tripped over themselves to follow a bus loaded with less than 50 people around to AIG execs homes. Yet until recently, not a lot of acknowledgement from the "free" press.

The tea parties are about one thing. Liberty. Yes, that awful evil right wing hateful idea of liberty and smaller Government. We are so hateful that we don't want to see government intruding on one single persons personal liberty.

The reason these progressive commentators are so clueless is because they are conditioned to how their own move obediently in herds across the political landscape. Demonstrations are organized by community organizers such as ACORN, or they are the product of organized labor parties such as the Service Workers union armed with an army of paid useful idiots willing to flock to the busses provided. How many times have we seen those busses?
They can't imagine that these tea parties are of a different sort. They can't imagine that they began out of genuine concern with the direction Presidents Bush and Obama are taking this country. They have been going on for months, yet these commentators haven't figured out why they are happening.

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Anonymous said...

"But Republicans and and Libertarians share this one thing. We all believe in personal liberty. We believe in individual freedom. "

The Rebublican's war on drugs, science and the repeated attempts at a theocracy make a mockery of this statement.

You do the cause of liberty a disservice by allying yourself with these charlatans.

The reality is the Republican party that you are referring to no longer exist, and quite frankly much of this recent "support" is racial animus from the base.