Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lisbon Tea Protest

I don't think the "big business" media understand what is happening under their noses as far as the tea parties that recently took place. Instead of reporting what happened, they are making crude sexual jokes about the participants, calling us names, crying racism, etc.
I recently went to a "small" tea party in Lisbon, Ohio. This is not exactly the hotbed of conservatism. It is a strong union area that religiously re-elects democrats into office election after election. I was expecting maybe 100 people to be there. It was raining, it was chilly, and it was a weekday. Much to my surprise, the village square was filled with 5 times more people than I expected.
500 is not exactly a giant get together in comparison to the near 30,000 that protested in front of the Alamo, and the bigger cities that drew over 10,000 each....but if one keeps it in perspective to population, 500 is huge. Lisbon is a village of approximately 2,800 residents. That's almost 20 percent of the Villages population. I wonder how many more would have come if it had been sunny and warm?
No one there made a racist comment. There were in fact white and black people in attendance. I have been trying to figure out exactly what is racist in these tea parties anyway. If you are for freedom and liberty and a small federal government you are somehow a racist hater?
What twisted logic.

I included this video below that I found on Michelle Malkin's web site because I thought it said what many of us feel.

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