Thursday, April 16, 2009

LEFTWING HITJOB: an example from the looters at Daily Kos (and CNN)

From the tedshubris's diary
The great thing about owning professional video equipment is that armed with it, you can pass yourself off as being a professional news crew pretty easily.

So tomorrow, [Fake Station Name Redacted] is going to send a cameraman and on air news personality out into the field to cover this "teabagging" phenomenon.

We're going to ask open ended questions that seem to have a slight conservative bent to (hopefully) get them to open up and just start ranting. Then, we take any examples of racism, hatred, ignorance, and stupidity that we catch on camera and make a little movie out of it. Probably a YouTube special.

Here's the list we have so far

* What are you celebrating (The Boston Tea Party), and can you explain its historical relevance? [We're hoping to get some hilarious flubs from this one]
* Is this your first time teabagging? [OK, so, a juvenile one, but worth it] (apparently, we're the only ones who have connected tea parties to teabagging. Or, for that matter, the sociological study "Tearoom trade". Removed for the sake of keeping covert)

* Do you approve of Michael Steele's plan to expand the GOP through a "hip-hop urban-suburban marketing strategy"? [hoping to get some juicy racist stuff from this question]
* (as an intentional misunderstanding/follow up, presuming that someone complains about wasteful government spending) "So you disapprove of your tax dollars going to the Iraq War?" [should elicit some confusion]
* Do you approve of the direction in which this country is headed? [With thanks to Bob Love]
Anyways, it's a start... but I'd love to have some suggestions for questions that sound fine, but should prompt an outpouring of crazy.

FROM CNN. A Totally "real" reporter following the Daily Kos strategy.

Why are you looters liars? Oh wait, that's a really really dumb question. You are looters, why would anyone expect an ounce of decency or honesty?
Can you imagine a whole society based on the ideals of these kinds of people? Why it would resemble Mussolini's Italy.....wouldn't it?


Purple Crayon said...

Not that I watch CNN very much anymore, but I have not seen this Susan Roesgen lady around any more. Does anyone know if she was officially fired yet?

Someday said...
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Someday said...

I don't know if she has been fired. I would expect MSNBC to hire her the same day anyway. There will always be work for a reporter of her "Calibre".
She should fit in nicely with Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman and the rest.