Saturday, November 1, 2008

Atlas is Shrugging once Again

Ayn Rand once penned the following in her novel Atlas Shrugged:

“The cycle starts with government intervening into the economy and imposing regulations and controls on business. This distorts the free market, leading to economic dislocations. When the problems caused by these distortions inevitably follow, everyone blames the free market and its greedy capitalists. The proposed solution? More government controls. Over the years, conservative critics of creeping government have repeatedly exposed this illogic but have always been helpless to explain why the cycle keeps repeating, decade after decade.

“The pattern keeps recurring because businessmen are willing to take the blame. From capitalism’s inception, its defenders have been morally disarmed by the widespread view that self-interest is morally suspect, and disinterested service to others is a moral ideal. So each new spate of controls has been grudgingly accepted as a fair price to pay for society’s toleration of the selfish pursuit of profit."

The other day, I heard Senator Obama say something very telling about himself. He called people who don't want to pay taxes selfish. Yet....he is a millionaire who has not bothered to give his own money to any charity until he decided it would look good while running for President. You can read what the Huffington Post reported about his low contributions here.

Senator Obama, when have you ever in your lifetime gave your own money to help with the plight of the poor? Even your "Charitable" contributions went to support Reverend Wright, or the Black Caucus.

So now you want to force everyone else to do what you didn't want to do yourself.
You seem to have your mind set on taking other people's money in the name of fairness. You say that you don't think government is the answer, but yet that is the only answer you personally accept.
I have news for you. Government regulation slowed this economy. Yaron Brooke has the following common sense anolagy;:,
“Have we learned nothing from the devastation that socialist policies wrought worldwide in the twentieth century? Government intervention distorts markets and causes economic dislocations, no matter whether Uncle Sam controls private companies by regulation or assumes public ownership outright.

“A crisis doesn’t transform poison into medicine. Over decades, government manipulation of money, credit, and mortgages poisoned this economy and left it dangerously weak. Now Hank Paulson and his comrades are hooking up IV tubes filled with more of the same poison--bailouts, loan guarantees, cheap money, and more burdensome regulations--and hoping we will lie still and trust in their cure."

Common sense.

The average guy on the street is not really being terribly affected for the most part yet. There are the ones that are losing their home, some more job losses. But that's not the majority. But they sense it coming. They feel it's impending doom around the corner. They know, deep inside, that all of these problems with the banks are coming into their own lives very soon. It will trickle down to them. Trickle down economics is true. Very true.

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