Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations President Elect Obama.

I didn't vote for you. In fact, I specifically voted against you but you are my future president now, and I am hopeful that you will be the best president we ever had.

You work for me now. In the past you represented a few people from Illinois. Now you work for me. The challenges are great. You will inherit a fascist leaning government that has taken moves toward corporatism. You will preside over two wars, one justified and the other unjustly began by Bush, Powell, and Rumsfeld, but victory there is morally imperative now. You will have a socialist leaning congress who will block you from protecting liberty and freedom. You will have to face the threat of terrorism in a way that does not intrude on our personal liberties. You will have to deal with a major energy dilemma that affects our national security in such a way as not to further burden an already receding economy. You will be faced with an economy that has slipped, and my advice to you on that is to do little in the way of intervention and it will go away. Please do not make the same mistakes that Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt did with their government interventions, which ultimately only deepened a recession into a dark depression. We are no where near a depression. Let's learn the lessons of history.
You ARE history. You will be on the cover of many history books from this point on. Hopefully this will send a signal to all that it is time to finally end the politics of the past. There should be no more interest group politics, because the reality is that we are all Americans. There should be no more special rights for this group, or that group.
And whatever you do as President, please do not support the class warfare politics that got you to the place you are. If there was ever a time that I hoped that a president does not deliver on what he promised, that time is NOW.

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karen said...

Amen, Someday. Thanks for being a place to come for some truth. I'll be praying for Obama and for the USA.