Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why Do Writers and Intellectuals and Artists Always Seem to Fall in Love With Tyrants and Tyrannical Governments?

Have you ever noticed the imagery the left produces to describe their opponents? They throw about the word fascist and Hitler and Nazi to describe anyone that they disagree with.
They seem to fear someone like Sarah Palin as a tyrant that would march into Washington and oppress the masses, or create a Christian theocracy. You know, the kind of things she never achieved in Alaska.

Strangely enough, these leftist intellectuals look at actual tyrants with a strange fondness and are happy to pronounce them champions of the people.
Recently they have been going to Cuba to smoke cigars with Fidel Castro and have been returning with glowing reports of what a great leader he is. These intellectuals are blind to the fact that his government controls every aspect of the peoples lives. They control what they read, what they see.
They fawn over Chavez. They make excuses for his takeover of the public media as a necessary step in order to progress forward. Every oppressive thing he does is seen as a great justice on behalf of the people.
They used to treat Stalin the same way. They still hold the greatest murderer the world has even known in the highest esteem. Chairman Mao as they affectionately call him.

Writers and artists fall for these charismatic personalities as if they are blind lemmings happily sheepily dutifully worshipfully praising the tyrants of the world, and anyone that talks about freedom and liberty is a tyrant in their eyes.

Somehow, they are convinced that people that want less government, less governmental control of all of our lives are the oppressors. Oppression by liberty. Who would have guessed? Of course we do have so much in common with those liberty loving Nazis. We like weak government just like Hitler did. We believe all humans are equal, just like Hitler thought. We love free speech and the right to bear arms, just like Hitler did. We dislike government run media just like Hitler did.

In the meant time, they don't see taking property off of one person against their will as stealing. They don't see the redistribution of that private property as a form of tyranny. Taking private property from one person by another person is stealing. If you advocate this, you are in favor of a tyrannical government. You are much closer to a Nazi than I will ever be. Hitler also like to redistribute the wealth. He took from those evil wealthy Jews and spread that around. The Nazi's banned gun ownership.
"National Socialism" is the Nazi party ideology. It basically consists of loose and general criticisms of free markets, enforced by the anti-semantic dogma that Jews are the source of all domestic evils. It's very wavy but is generally against private property, and in favor of absolute state control of the economy. The Nazis aimed towards a system which allowed them to conscribe all labor and distribute all produce - equally - as popular demand insisted it. Well, equally amongst the Aryans and citizens, that is. The anti-semiticism of Nazi nationalism often associated big business and free trade with Jewish movements, which, of course, Nazis viewed as "subversive" to the "rule of the master race".

But us liberty loving people are the Nazis.


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