Thursday, October 1, 2009

GE Selling Obama's Network to Comcast?

From LA Times:

That would be incredible. My guess is that the FCC would never allow it. Could you imagine a conservative leaning Comcast CEO John Malone allowing MSNBC and CNBC to continue down their path of fringe left wing rhetoric and President Obama worshipfulness? My guess is that moonbat commentators like Kieth Oberman and Rachel Maddow would be fired based on their plummeting ratings while other News networks commentators such as O'Reilly and Beck have only themselves to battle it out with ratings wise. I think an owner with an eye for making money would probably clean house at NBC news and restore at least the appearance of journalism to the newsroom.

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karen said...

LOL! Great post. Love the picture of Rightwing Extremists.
I've been aghast at what has been 'allowed' to happen and also what is not being reported by the leftwing media.
It's stunning. And scary.