Friday, September 18, 2009

Racism Rears it's Ugly head

The debate is over.
Once the leftist wingnuts run out of meaningful debate, when their arguments are shot down by logic and the debate is going against a good loyal progressive partisan, they turn their little book of debate to the page that directs the loser to attribute the opponents logical argument to be rooted in racism.

The healthcare debate is over.
The race card has been played. The left has officially lost the debate. There can no longer be any meaningful discussion.

Sadly, it is the left that has managed to put each person into a little platoon based on that person's race, gender, social class, and sexual identity. That person is not permitted to step outside of their platoon lest they be chastised by the left and called an Uncle Tom, or a Race traitor.
But they are not racists. Oh nooo. They are champions of "equality". Instead, it is the people like me and you who do not see any distinctions and wish to treat everyone equally. Somehow, they expect us to cower to the label racist.

I am not a racist.
Calling me a racist for not supporting these attacks on our freedom and liberty are proof that your logic has been exhausted and your argument has been shredded.

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