Friday, February 27, 2009

Earmarks are bad.......

When President Obama was making his pitch before Prime Minister Pelosi and Congress, I expected him to tell us how he has defeated earmarks. It still caused my drink to come out of my nose to actually hear some of the things he is misleading us on. One of them is pork. Naturally his comments about earmarks are out right lies. No matter what definition they try to present for what an earmark actually is, pork is pork.

Let's face it folks, Obama is simply usung his Charisma to pass Prime Minister Pelosi's spending packages. He's using a crisis and fear to ram her stuff through with limited objection by us fearful Americans.

Here is what is really making blood shoot out my eyes. It's not the Democrats. It's those Republican congressmen and their cheerleaders like Sean Hannity and Limbaugh.
They have no right whatsoever to be screaming earmarks. 40 percent of all of the pork in this bill is from REPUBLICANS!

Just like the Democrats got elected because of the out of control spending of the Republicans in power, the Republicans are following their hypocritical gameplan with precision. They are talking about pork and spending just like the Democrats during the first part of the Bush Administration they are taking the max amount of their share in the pork being allowed by the party in power.

It underscores the cozy and murky nature of appropriating, in which longtime friendships and mutual back-scratching seem to trump the steely partisanship seen elsewhere in Congress. It also reflects Democrats' calculation that there is political safety in granting the GOP about 40 percent of all earmark spending —the same proportion Democrats enjoyed when they were in the minority — rather than appear vengeful and antagonistic by cutting the Republicans' share more deeply.

"It kind of takes the sting out of their accusations if they are taking 40 percent of the pie," said one House Democratic aide. MORE....


The sad thing is that the Republicans are rightfully critical of the direction the Prime Minister and the President are taking this country. The problem is that even though it is rightful criticism, I don't believe the GOP will walk the walk once they assume power. They might slow down our march to socialism, but they will not end the cycle of drunkenness at the trough of the taxpayer. And I think we will continue down the path to Fascism.

For those of you doubt me about this, remember that it was Bush and the GOP leadership along with the leadership of the Democratic party that began the power grab on our financial system. I just heard the Government has just bought a giant chunk of Citi. They will have their guys in the board room. That is fascism. And Citi's stocks are down 35 percent in pre market trading. Yay! It's Herbert Hoover all over again!!!!!

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